Mandarino Grande

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Clementine variety, 70 liter pot


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Mandarin ( Citrus reticulata ) is adaptable to very varied climates, very resistant to cold and high temperatures much more than the orange tree. It is also a very productive tree. Smaller in height than the orange tree, it can reach 2 or 3 m. The leaves are deep green and highly scented, the flowers are small and white. Annual pruning is convenient for a better quality of the fruit, since the flavor that characterizes them is due to the sugars that the leaves create. The fruit is usually medium or rather small, spheroid and flattened at the ends. The rind is orange in color and easily separates when the fruit is ripe.

Varieties: Satsuma, Clementina Fina, Oroval, Clemenules, Arrufitina, Marisol… Etc. They ripen between October and November. Depending on the variety will depend on the time of collection.

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