Trichocereus Marginatus

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The "Chilayo" is a columnar perennial plant, its ribs are found around the entire main stem, bearing the areoles that also have the thorns. It is a perfect cactus to decorate our garden due to the height it can reach, being able to use it as a barrier.

Pot 30 - Height 80 cm.


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This plant, also known as "Chilayo", belongs to the Cactaceae family, native to Mexico and the southwestern United States.

It is a rarely branched columnar cactus that can reach 4 meters in height, dark green in color. It can have up to 7 ribs, which support woolly areolas with short, thick spines. The pointed spines are found on the areolas and are radially yellowish in color.

 The flowers are born from the upper areola of the stem, with a very particular funnel shape, its red color and its small size (4 cm), which makes them very special and beautiful flowers. It also produces cylindrical fruits full of fine thorns and covered with wool.


These cacti are primarily considered for planting in gardens, as they grow fairly quickly. They can be used as decorative centers in our garden and in an ornamental garden with several of the same essences to enhance their beauty.

It is also often used as a barrier in our garden so that people cannot enter or observe what happens in our home.

Although when they are small we can have them inside our house, in a clear place and with a good pot that drains the water well.


They are showy, very pretty plants that require little maintenance.

- They prefer places with direct or well-lit light, preferably next to a window, on a balcony, a terrace or in your garden.

- It supports low temperatures, around 8ºC.

- It is essential that they have good drainage, both in the ground and in pots.

- The ideal substrate for cacti must be combined with sand and gravel, so that they have good drainage, humidity and excess water are not good.

- Irrigation should not be excessive. From spring to fall, which would be its growing season, water every fortnight, water abundantly, and wait for the soil to dry out again. In winter, do not water or water for a month.

- Fertilizer. During the growing season (spring - fall), you can fertilize them with earthworms. The eggshell is a good household fertilizer because it contains (Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus) these nutrients are very important and favor its growth, it must be crushed and mixed with the substrate, administered a few times a year. .

- Treatment against fungi due to excess humidity, disinfect the area with a copper-based fungicide.

- If you want to transplant them from the pot or from the ground, the best time would be from spring.

And don't forget that to work with cacti you need to wear good gloves.

Trichocereus Marginatus
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